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Best Time to Fly Fish in Belize: The Ultimate Guide

One thing that sets Belize apart from other fly fishing destinations is the opportunity to fish year-round. However, the best time to fish in Belize varies based on factors such as the species you want to catch. In this Belize fishing guide, we will cover everything you need to know, including Belize’s climate, licenses, rules and regulations, and the impact of tides on fishing conditions. We’ve also included a month-by-month breakdown of what you can expect to catch so that you can plan your trip accordingly. So, grab your gear, pack your bags, and prepare for the fly fishing adventure of a lifetime in beautiful Belize!

Belize Climate

Belize offers exceptional year-round fly fishing due mainly to its favorable climate. With temperatures averaging around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and a gentle breeze blowing most of the year, anglers can enjoy comfortable conditions while pursuing their favorite catch. While Belize’s rainy season occurs between June 1st and November 30th, affecting the mainland, the coastal regions usually only experience passing showers rather than prolonged storms, so fishing days are seldom interrupted.

From December 1st to May 30th, Belize experiences its dry season, with April through May being the hottest months and offering minimal wind. However, anglers should know that an unpredictable “Northern” or cold front can occasionally create cooler rainy, and windy weather, making fishing more challenging, particularly from December through February. Other factors, such as fishing pressure, moon cycles, and fishing seasons, should also be considered when planning the perfect time to fly fish in Belize.

Licenses, Rules, & Regulations

Sport fishing in Belize is open year-round, offering enthusiasts plenty of opportunity to explore some of the world’s most pristine waters. However, as a country strongly emphasizing marine conservation, it is important to note that certain species, such as tarpon, bonefish, and permit, are protected under strict catch and release regulations. This means that anglers can snap a photo of their catch before releasing it back into the water, ensuring that these species remain sustainable for generations to come.

If you plan on fishing for game fish and are between the ages of 16 and 65, you must obtain a fishing license. The Belize Sport Fishing license is available for one day at $20 BZ, one week for $50 BZ, or one year for $100 BZ. If you opt for the annual permit, please note that you must apply in person. Please visit the Coastal Zone Management Authority for more detailed information about licenses, rules, and regulations. To apply for a fishing license, fill out the form found here.



When planning the best time to fly fish in Belize, it is crucial to consider the impact of tides on fishing conditions. Tides, which are directly influenced by the moon’s gravitational pull, can significantly affect the intensity and height of the water in the flats, directly impacting fish behavior. Typically, fish move towards the flats as the tide comes in and return to deeper waters as the tide recedes. 

However, a lower tide may offer better fishing opportunities in certain areas than a higher tide and vice versa. This is where the expertise of a knowledgeable fly fishing guide comes into play, as they can help you navigate the shifting tides and locate the best spots for your preferred catch. By having a seasoned guide at your side, you can optimize your fly fishing experience and make the most of your time on the water. 


Best Time to Fly Fish in Belize by Month

For the most part, bonefish, permit, and tarpon can be caught any day in Belize. Again, some periods of the year are more likely to have better fishing for a specific species than other time frames. “Northern” fronts, tides, and other factors impact where fish will be. However, we’ve broken it down to provide you with common fishing conditions by month:

January:  This month brings the dreaded “Northern” cold fronts, so high winds can make fishing the flats more difficult. On calmer days, anglers can expect permit and bonefish. The new and full moon tide will create the most productive fishing for permit, while bonefish are a daily option. Since tarpon schools are migrating and following bait, they can be challenging to locate. However, if you find them, the fishing will be great.

Rating 6/10 – Highest likelihood of weather impacting the productivity of your fishing trip.

February: On calmer days, anglers can expect tarpon, bonefish, and an increase in permit. Like January, the best tides are the new and full moon. Weather and wind are a huge factor this month, with the occasional cold fronts moving through, keeping some fish from moving into the flats. However, the chances of the “Northern” significantly dropping by mid-month.

Rating 8/10 – Chances of poor weather drop by mid-month. 


March: While March can sometimes see higher winds, it is less likely to catch a north front. This month marks the beginning of the best time for fishing permit in Belize. Permit begin to school up, and the tide cycle gives anglers a great advantage. Smaller tarpon continue to migrate through the region following baitfish, and bonefishing remains consistent. 

Rating 9/10 – Beginning of best permit fishing in Belize.


April: By April, the weather has settled, bringing typically calm days with little rain and less wind. The full moon will bring migratory tarpon, which are more frequent and larger. Permit fishing remains exceptional with the new and full moon phases. Fly fishing for bonefish continues to be excellent!

Rating 9/10 – Calmer weather brings optimal fishing conditions.


May: While weather is always a factor, it is less significant this month. May is typically the hottest month of the year, with minimal rain and wind. It is common to have calm weather and glassy clear conditions for weeks at a time. Permit and bonefish are consistent in the flats, and tarpon are caught with daily regularity. 

Rating 10/10 – Hotter weather brings optimal fishing conditions. 


June: While this month starts the rainy season, it shouldn’t stop anglers from taking advantage of one of the best fishing months of the year. The rainy season can bring small, isolated storms that can pass within minutes. Plus, they can be easily avoided and won’t interrupt fishing. June begins the best chances of catching a Grand Slam: permit, bonefish, and tarpon in one day. Again, new and full moon phases bring the best time for fishing.

Rating 10/10 – Best opportunity to catch a Grand Slam.


July: July brings similar conditions as June, another great month for fishing in Belize. During this time, brief storms and hurricanes are a factor, but travel insurance can help alleviate that stress. This month brings an excellent opportunity for a Grand Slam, with the largest permit present at this time. 

Rating 10/10 – Best opportunity to catch a Grand Slam. 


August: The new moon during the first part of August has produced more Grand Slams than any other time of the year. Giant tarpon and permit can be caught at this time of the year. But, again, showers and hurricanes can impact fishing in Belize during this time. 

Rating 10/10 – Best opportunity to catch a Grand Slam. 


September: This is the most common month to have a hurricane, so be aware of the weather conditions when planning. However, fishing remains consistent on the flats. By mid-September, the migrating tarpon have mostly moved to deeper water in Belize or other parts of the Caribbean. Permit fishing is still good, especially in the first and last quarter moons. Bonefish are also a daily possibility. 

Rating 8/10 – Can produce great fishing, just not as consistent. 


October: Weather poses a challenge in October, with hurricanes still being a potential complication during the first weeks. The new and full moon tides also pose a threat, with the flats having too much water. The first and last quarter moon phases are ideal. Permit are the primary focus, with bonefish being a daily target, and resident tarpon are possible.

Rating 8/10 – Can produce great fishing, just not as consistent. 


November: November often brings a pattern of calm weather with little wind or rain and ideal conditions, but the chances of northern fronts grow as the month progresses. Permit and bonefish are a daily target, and tarpon can be found with an expert guide. 

Rating 7/10 – Has some ‘sweet’ spots for fishing.


December: Fishing during this month is weather dependent. When the calm weather stays through December, permit and bonefishing remain excellent, and tarpon can still be found. 

Rating 6/10 – Highest likelihood of weather impacting the productivity of your fishing trip.


Based on our experience, February through August is the best time to fly fish in Belize. These months offer the perfect combination of ideal tides, consistent migration patterns, and minimal weather interference, making them the optimal window to land the coveted Belize Grand Slam. However, with proper planning and a little luck, it’s possible to have a memorable fishing experience any time of the year. 


Belize Fly Fishing Resorts

The Muy’Ono Resort Collection boasts two Orvis-Endorsed fly fishing resorts in Belize: Blue Horizon Lodge and Copal Tree Lodge. Each offers an unforgettable fly fishing experience, allowing guests to cast their lines in some of the country’s most pristine and productive fishing spots. 


Blue Horizon Lodge, situated on a picturesque 7-acre island, is ideally located in the heart of “Permit Alley,” widely considered the most productive permit flats in Belize. The lodge was founded by legendary Belizean fly fishing guide Lincoln Westby and offers an all-inclusive fishing vacation experience, complete with five guest cabanas and a professional team of local guides. Within minutes of leaving the lodge, you can cast your line for permit, bonefish, and tarpon, all while soaking up the stunning coastal scenery. To experience world-class fly fishing opportunities with Blue Horizon, book a full-day or half-day Belize fishing guide or fly fishing vacation package here


Alternatively, Copal Tree Lodge is a luxury eco-lodge perched above the Rio Grande River and just a short boat ride from the Caribbean Sea. You can spend the day casting for tarpon and snook in the rivers and mangroves or head out to the Sapodilla Cayes’ white sand beaches for bonefish. The lodge also boasts a range of luxury amenities, including elegant accommodations, farm-to-table dining, and a full-service spa, ensuring that your stay is as relaxing and enjoyable as it is exciting. Enjoy half- and full-day fly fishing tours or a fly fishing vacation package when you book your stay at Copal Tree Lodge.