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9 Reasons to Plan Your Group Vacation in Belize

Are you looking for a vacation destination to satisfy each member of your family or group? If so, Belize is an excellent choice. With endless adventures, unique cultures, breathtaking scenery, and an accessible location, Belize is guaranteed to make everyone happy. But, if you’re not convinced, we have gathered nine reasons to plan your next group vacation in Belize. 


1 Location

Belize is located in Central America, with the Caribbean Sea to the east, Mexico to the north, and Guatemala to the south and west. One of the most significant advantages of a vacation to Belize is its proximity to the United States. Guests from major American cities can enjoy short travel times, with a flight from Houston, Texas, only 2.5 hours away! A group trip to Belize will save time for more adventures. 


2 Language

Did you know the official language of Belize is English? Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America, thus eliminating the language barrier for guests from North America. As a result, your group can enjoy smooth communication from the planning process to the vacation itself.


3 Relaxed Restrictions

As of July 12, 2022, travelers are no longer required to show proof of vaccination or purchase health insurance for entry into Belize. Since the country has dropped travel mandates, it has never been easier to experience the beauty of Belize for yourself. You won’t have to worry about COVID restrictions on your group trip to Belize.


4 Adventure

Belize is a hotspot for adventure, boasting the second-largest barrier reef in the world, lush jungles, ancient Mayan sites, and more. There are various activities for every age, interest, and preference, making it the perfect destination for larger groups. Go snorkeling, horseback riding, ziplining, scuba diving, fishing, birding, and hiking; the possibilities are endless! 


Pro Tip: Connect with a local tour company like Muy’Ono Adventures to plan your daily activities. Not only do they offer expert advice, but they can help plan private group tours to the Belize Barrier Reef, cave tubing, ancient Mayan ruins, and more. How cool would it be to go on an adventure with only your group? Muy’Ono Resorts works with groups of all sizes to curate experiences unique to your group. 


5 Cost 

Resorts in Belize often cater to groups and families by offering special rates and packages for groups. From all-inclusive resorts to group discounts, a vacation to Belize might save you significant money. Before you book, don’t forget to check if your accommodations or tour company caters to large groups with special offers. 


6 All-Inclusive

Many resorts in Belize offer all-inclusive packages. With this type of vacation, you can pay one price and know that everything is taken care of for your group. Many of these packages offer unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, three meals a day, lodging, and even transportation to the resort. As a result, your group won’t need to stress about the little things during a time that is supposed to be relaxing and fun. We recommend visiting the all-inclusive resort called Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge.


7 Private Island Rentals 

Does your group want an entire resort to itself? Belize is home to over 400 cayes, some of which you can rent privately for your whole group. Depending on the group size, you could visit Royal Belize, Thatch Caye Resort, or Ranguana Caye for an unforgettable tropical experience. These islands are all-inclusive, so all your group has to do is show up and enjoy all the amenities and activities that come along with it. 


8 Overwater Bungalows

You don’t have to travel over 24 hours for an overwater villa experience. Thatch Caye offers overwater bungalows and oceanfront cabanas to please everyone in your group. Although these suites only sleep two guests, each room has its own overwater deck and hammock. Here you can stargaze, relax in the sun, and enjoy some personal time away from the group. The island hosts only 30 people at a time, making it a very intimate destination, perfect for spending time with loved ones.


9 Muy’Ono Resorts Can Plan Your Entire Itinerary 

We know how difficult it can be to plan a vacation with a group of people who have different ideas of what to do and where to go. Muy’Ono Resorts provides planning specialists that work closely with you to plan the perfect itinerary for your entire group. From weddings and family reunions to birthday parties and corporate retreats, we’ve got you covered, at no extra charge!